Wood On Liquor Law Reform

Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 12:30 pm
Press Release: Jackson Wood
Wood On Liquor Law Reform


Mount Albert candidate and alcohol aficionado Jackson James Wood is praising Sir Geoffrey Palmer’s claim that alcohol laws are too important to be left to a conscience vote.

“Everyone knows that politicians don’t have consciences anyway,” Wood said as he slyly sipped a single malt whisky, “meaning I would be a perfect addition to the House.”

At this juncture in the Press Conference, held at Mighty Mighty on Cuba Street, Wood turned around and ordered another scotch. “Just so you know, I enjoy a light tipple when I am on the hustings.

“I believe the best way to sort out alcohol law reform issues is for all parliamentarians to head over the road to the Backbencher and hash it out over a nice cold beer.

“First round is on Key,” Wood concluded hopefully.


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