Visa problems

It’s 2AM. I’m exhausted. Just landed in a country where I do not speak the language. So of course there was something wrong with my entry visa.

After disembarking the plane I was a bit dazed. A police officer must’ve noticed my semi-confused state and took my papers and shepherded me to a desk.

The Global Greens had issued me a letter which, in theory, should have meant that I was automatically granted a visa on arrival. There was some confusion over this letter. Apparently they did not have the list of names at the airport for people who had been granted a visa because of the conference.

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, another Green, Hannah from Belarus, was in the same situation. We got talking. The company of someone also in a stressful situation, when you have quite literally flown halfway around the world, is at least comforting.

The guy at the visa desk called his supervisor. The supervisor came down. Words were had. Questions were asked. Pacing ensued.

After about another half an hour, Hannah and I were ushered over to the customs desk. Fingerprinted. Photographed. Passport stamped. Visa granted.

I was dropped off at my hotel at about 4.30AM and fell straight into a blissful sleep.

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