UTMB and Space Politics

Here are the USS students at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where we went for a field trip. We learnt a lot about biology, what is life, psychology, and other human-related topics concerned with going to Mars.

I didn’t understand a lot of it. But I did take some nice photos of science stuff. Yeah science, bitches.

This is a mass mouse/rat putter-downer-er. Handy for terminating multiple rodent test subjects at once.

This handy dandy machine lights and smokes cigarettes in an enclosed space so scientists don’t have to.

Some of the mentors went out for a quiet drink afterward. Looking after 42 hyper intelligent 15–18-year-olds is tiring.

Because a speaker pulled out, I was asked to deliver a presentation on space law and politics. This is an amazingly complicated and intensely interesting area which I did an honours essay on. Powerpoint is here.

Sally Bruce, from New Plymouth Girls’ High School, presented me with a shirt from the gold team as thanks for giving the presentation. Sally was awesome and won a flag for being one of the top four students at USS.

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