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Pinot Tieke

I bought a bottle of Peregrine’s 2009 Saddleback Pinot Noir.

Peregrine Wines do conservation work and have helped save the Saddleback. Awesome.

I’ll let you know how it tastes.


Tieke-based graffiti in Rotorua, as spotted by @not_friends.

Kea and Kiwi


Sorry for the absence of posts. I am still alive. In London now. It is my first time here but I am trying not to be a tourist. I did however go to the Natural History Museum. It was pretty awesome. Dinosaurs. Darwin. No Tieke, but this Kea and Kiwi were on display in the bird room.


One of New Zealand’s most awesome native birds, the Kakariki (Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae). Taken at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua, New Zealand. While the Kakariki is quite rad, it is not quite as rad as the Tieke.

Buy Tieke Made

An alternative logo for the Buy New Zealand Made campaign

Saddleback release at Tawharanui Regional Park

Saturday 24 March 2012, 11am – 1pm

Please meet at Anchor Bay by 11am.
The release will take place at Tokatu Point, which is a 40-60 minute walk from Anchor Bay. Please bring walking shoes and wet weather gear.
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Bringing Saddleback

This was my final video about the Tieke/Saddleback for Forest and Bird’s Bird of the Year competition 2011. For some reason the aspect of the video fucked up and while it was rendering chewed up the original footage. I was also in a rush to get it out the door. Looks good though.

There will be more this year. Promise.

Tieke return to Tawharanui

Awesome news from the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society. I hope they invite me to release one of the Tieke. I would LOVE that beyond all belief.

Tieke (saddlebacks) are being welcomed back to the Auckland mainland for the first time in more than 150 years. Ninety of these rare and endangered birds are being released into the open sanctuary at Tawharanui Regional Park during the next month.

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Traffic sources

I cannot wait for the day that Tieke (or Saddleback) beats velociraptor related search terms. These stats were taken from the day I posted about site reconstruction.

Talkin’ Tieke

That time I talked Tieke with Dr Colin Miskelly, Te Papa’s curator of terrestrial vertebrates.