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Fun Ho!

We also went to the Fun Ho! toy museum in Inglewood.

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Tawhiti Museum

Spent the morning with the family at Tawhiti Museum outside of Hawera.


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Gordon Brown: (knee) jerk

This was originally published on the Taranaki Daily News Online on 10/07/2012 and in the print edition on 11/07/2012.

When I first sat down to write a reply to Gordon Brown’s latest column in the Taranaki Daily News my heart dropped.

How can I refute so many factual errors, point out so many inconsistencies, and generally try and respond to the eclectic string of sentences most probably constructed by Mr Brown holding the keyboard upside down while jerking his knee violently against it?

The route settled on was to ignore most of what Mr Brown wrote and attempt to divine the general themes he was trying to get across and discuss those.
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All these flowers were at Pukeiti.
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Pukeiti, just outside New Plymouth, is a magical place. The air is clear and fresh. It is quiet and peaceful. It is paradise. This water wheel used to power a mill that logged the native timber around Mt Taranaki. It has been remade and now pumps most of the water used to irrigate the gardens.
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