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Seven Hundred & Thirty

Tuesday was my two year soberversary. Mrs D over on Living Sober asked me to write her a post about being a male in recovery and dealing with life on life terms. Not sure if this is what she wanted but it is what came out of my head.

So here it is below and it originally appeared on Living Sober here.

Today I am happy to be celebrating two years — 730 continuous days — of sobriety.

Those of you who have been following along on this journey with me will know the past 365 days since coming out of the sobriety closet and into the world of vocal recovery have been pretty darn crazy.

The first 365 we pretty crazy too and I’ve kind of covered the decision to stop drinking and here and here. But I haven’t really talked much about what it’s like to be in recovery. So here is an eclectic mix of contemplations, observations, introspections, and reflections on what it’s like to be a late 20s guy in New Zealand who doesn’t drink.
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