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New Zealand has 979 registered War Memorials. That’s one for every 4500 New Zealanders.

I’ve always had a fascination with war memorials. No real idea why. They’re so powerful: morbidly beautiful reminders of how tenuous happiness, peace, and democracy are.
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Tieke-based graffiti in Rotorua, as spotted by @not_friends.


One of New Zealand’s most awesome native birds, the Kakariki (Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae). Taken at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua, New Zealand. While the Kakariki is quite rad, it is not quite as rad as the Tieke.

Summer cicadas

The thick sound of cicadas swamped us as we walked into the Buried Village. On the side of this 120-year-old poplar tree were tens and tens of cicada nymph shells bathed in light. The sound of cicadas is, in my mind, inexorably linked to summer: memories of bushwalks, relaxing in the sun, and BBQs.

Under reconstruction

So I am revamping my website. Please bear with me while I reconstruct it. I’ve got some exciting projects that I am working on with this hopefully being my platform. Please enjoy this picture of a velociraptor I took at Rainbow Springs in Rotorua last weekend.