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Beyond Today

My dear friend Claire Browning has recently turned her immense intellect and energy toward writing a book about the Green Party — where it has been and where it is heading.
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Mt Albert in colour

I ran in the Mount Albert by-election that time. Unfortunately I didn’t have a great camera back then so photographic evidence is sketchy. This was taken outside the Electoral Office in Mt Albert.
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Out of all our national holidays, of all the things that remind me how lucky I am and how proud I am to be a New Zealander, ANZAC Day is the one event that brings a tear to my eye.

Identity is sadly often forged through the senseless and bloody loss of life. My Poppa was in the Merchent Navy, my Grand Uncles — on both sides of the family — fought in Africa and Italy, my Great Grandfather fought in France in World War One.
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Buckingham Palace

The thing that struck me about Buckingham Palace was not the building itself — a dingy amorphous block — but the amazing gold statue atop the Victoria Monument.
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Kiwi Greens


The New Zealand Greens at the Global Greens Congress in Dakar, Senegal. From left to right: Peter Davis (international secretary), Kennedy Graham MP, Metiria Turei MP (NZ Greens Co-leader), and me.

Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls, Catlins, Otago, New Zealand. The noise of water was deafening.


Kotukutuku flower (Fuchsia excorticata) taken at Purakaunui Falls, Catlins, Otago.

Dakar 2012

On Wednesday I am headed off to the Global Greens Conference in Dakar, Senegal.

While there, I am representing the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, the youth wing of the Greens — the Young Greens — and you, if you’re a green-minded New Zealander. Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei and Green MP Kennedy Graham will also be representing New Zealand at the conference.
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Aromoana Beach

Millions of shells on Aromoana Beach, outside of Dunedin, Otago.

Matai Falls

Matai Falls, Catlins, Otago, New Zealand.