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About a drug: Salvia

About a Drug: Salvia by Jackson James Wood

First published in Matters of Substance May 2013. Web version here.

About a Drug: Cocaine

About a Drug: Cocaine by Jackson James Wood

There is no such thing as cannabis withdrawal

There is no such thing as cannabis withdrawal by Jackson James Wood

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

A couple of weeks back Russell Brand came to Wellington. It was his 10th year of sobriety and so the Drug Foundation organized for some people in recovery to head backstage at his show. Managed to get some good shots of him. Continue reading →

Drug Foundation Soundtrack

Catherine and I got the idea to put together a work-related play list. We solicited input via Twitter and Facebook. This is what we ended up with. We could easily have kept going. But even this selection, which ranges from 1944 to 2012, shows how pervasive drug use is in artistic endeavors and how it sends ripples through our culture. Track listing below the jump. Continue reading →

Alcohol milestones in New Zealand

Timeline of Alcohol by Jackson James Wood


My About a Drug column in Matters of Substance. Read the online version here.

Mdma by Jackson James Wood

Alcohol Reform Bill sheets

The Alcohol Reform Bill will be coming up in Parliament for it’s final reading after the recess.

Alcohol causes a shit-load of harm in New Zealand. We really need to get the liquor laws right.

The bill, as it stands, is a bit shit. It does not address key areas. My work produced these six nifty little fact sheets for MPs to assist them factually while they’re debating the bill and suggest positive changes that will reduce alcohol-related harm in our communities.
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Giant Cheques!

One of the awesome things about the NZ Drug Foundation is that we don’t only do awesome work ourselves but we help others do awesome work.
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Supreme court. Supreme justice. Some people do not like the exterior of this building. I think it is actually pretty cool. Especially the pieces of red glass which symbolise pohutakawa flowers.
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