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Now and soon — Greens in political time and space

An after-dinner speech to the Values/Green gathering on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Values Party

June 1st, 2012

»Beyond Tomorrow (introduction)

Two score and nought years ago you — our fore mothers and fathers — bought forth on these tiny islands in the South Pacific a new political party, conceived in ecology and fairness and dedicated to the proposition that the earth and it’s people only had so much to give.

As Christine sang earlier, the times they are a’ changin’. Before this talk Christine and I discussed the possibility of singing a song that summed up my generation, Gen Y.

I cast around for ideas. I racked my brain. None came. I asked Twitter. I asked Facebook — the oracles of my generation. But to no avail.
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All these flowers were at Pukeiti.
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Pukeiti, just outside New Plymouth, is a magical place. The air is clear and fresh. It is quiet and peaceful. It is paradise. This water wheel used to power a mill that logged the native timber around Mt Taranaki. It has been remade and now pumps most of the water used to irrigate the gardens.
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New Plymouth (Part 2)

A local graffiti artist brightens up a dark alley.
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New Plymouth (Part 1)

New Plymouth. It’s where I grew up.
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Went home to New Plymouth this weekend to see my family. They had Marmite. I haven’t eaten Marmite in many months due to Marmageddon. Their supply was not quite enough. Another empty pottle of Marmite to add to the growing pile.
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