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Out of all our national holidays, of all the things that remind me how lucky I am and how proud I am to be a New Zealander, ANZAC Day is the one event that brings a tear to my eye.

Identity is sadly often forged through the senseless and bloody loss of life. My Poppa was in the Merchent Navy, my Grand Uncles — on both sides of the family — fought in Africa and Italy, my Great Grandfather fought in France in World War One.
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Food and drink

British food is not very nice. The British tried to make up for this lack of culinary expertise by conquering and enslaving a large part of the world where there was nice food during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. While Britian may have lost her empire she hasn’t lost the diverse array of beautiful international food that can be found there. For example, cheese.
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Buckingham Palace

The thing that struck me about Buckingham Palace was not the building itself — a dingy amorphous block — but the amazing gold statue atop the Victoria Monument.
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Hyde Park

The weather, although cold while I was in London, was clear and sunny. Good for getting out and going for a walk.
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Pedestrian Crossing

I stumbled across Abbey Road while going for a walk. The most famous pedestrian crossing in the world was totally blocked by tourists walking across, trying to snap Beatles-esque pictures, and generally milling around. You can even watch a live stream!
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War and Peace

Spotted at Saint Mark’s Church in Maida Vale, London.

Dinosaurs in London

While in London I went to the Natural History Museum. It is an amazing place. The massive entrance chamber with the statue of Darwin surveying everything is very impressive.
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Kea and Kiwi


Sorry for the absence of posts. I am still alive. In London now. It is my first time here but I am trying not to be a tourist. I did however go to the Natural History Museum. It was pretty awesome. Dinosaurs. Darwin. No Tieke, but this Kea and Kiwi were on display in the bird room.