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My friend Josh, AKA cakeburger, has a brother who has just started a cool website

Leon does pretty much what the name on the website says. You ask him to “draw me a…” and then he does it.

I asked Leon to draw me a caricature of me. Here is the bloody awesome result.

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Josh Drummond: Hamilton’s BAT Man

The “wildly talented”* Josh Drummond formally applied for the British American Tobacco job via vidy-oh-oh-h.

Check out the rest of his ramblings here.

*According to Metro hack and all round nice guy Steve Braunias.

Dear British American Tobacco, please employ Josh Drummond

My dear friend Joshua Drummond has applied for the role of Press Relations and Regulatory Affairs Manager. At his behest I have provided him with this reference. I hope that our tobacco overlords at BAT see fit to employ this fine young man in their service.

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Dr Brash is dead. Again.

@DrBrash, the Twitter celebrity beloved by left and right wing alike, has finally called it quits. He has rapped his last #BrashRap. He has broiled his last #FurChicken. He has hashed his last hashtag. He has tweeted his last Tweet.

“At 1:40 this afternoon @DrBrash sent his final tweet,”  said Jackson Wood (@_jjw_) a spokesperson for the good doctor.

Another spokesperson for @DrBrash said that much like his real life counterpart — Dr Donald Brash — the @DrBrash Twitter account seemed to be malingering.

“He’s really just been lazing around the last couple of months since the election,” Joshua Drummond (@josh_drummond) said. “He’s been all getting into trouble and not really focusing on the issues close to his heart and shit.”
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