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The United Space School went out to a Houston Dynamos game. It was a lot of fun. Continue reading →


While at United Space School we went on a field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There was a lot of space stuff and a lot of oil industry stuff. But the real attraction for me was the Hall of Paleontology. It was simply amazing. Continue reading →

Flying over Houston

One of the board members for the Foundation for International Space Education, Jeevan Perera, took Ben, Sinead, two of the students who he is hosting Alex Carney and Montse Cordero, and I night flying over Houston.

One word: absolutely-mind-blowingly-crazy-amazing-awesome-times-a-million. Continue reading →

Jackson and Ben go shooting

Guns are an integral part of the American psyche. Try explaining to a Texan how hard to obtain a handgun in New Zealand (or Europe) and they’ll look at you blankly and say “That’s so weird”. Then again, they can walk into Walmart buy their groceries, booze prescription meds, and pick up a rifle all in the same place.

Guns are horrible things. Don’t get me wrong. I would never own a gun and I will probably never shoot one again. However, when in Texas it is part of the cultural experience to shoot a gun.

So Ben and I went shooting at an indoor firing range close to where we are staying in League City. We hired a 40 calibre Glock semi-automatic handgun with a clip that holds 12 rounds.

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Houston: Day 8 (Random photos)

Elect Slaughter. Best name for a politician.

These are just some random pics I shot after the Mexican night.
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Houston: Day 6 (GOLD TEAM)

From the left: Rhiannon Potter (Australia), Sally Bruce (New Zealand), Jan-Henrik Kossakowski (Germany), Laura Cobban (Scotland), me, Lana du Plessis (South Africa). Down the front Harmen Hoek (Netherlands), Sophie May (Germany) and Camilo Torres (Columbia).

BOOM! This is my team for United Space School 2012. We are mission Mission Control. We are in charge of the mission to Mars: the funding, the politics, the publicity, where the base is located. We are the organisers and the decision makers. What an awesome team it is. Continue reading →

Houston: Days 3, 4, 5 (First day of Space School!)

Everything started to get really busy on Saturday. We had our first bunch of students arrive in Houston. We picked up the first three students from George Bush Intercontinental.

Here are some of my cell phone photos from the past few days.

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Cage fighting

A truly ‘merican pastime. Rob took us to this tournament because he is a judge. We got ringside seats, close enough for blood splatter.

WARNING: These photos do contain violence and blood, so you may not wanna look at them.

I’ll also preface this by saying cage fighting is not something I would normally attend or endorse.
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