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Bird of the year 2012

Sadly, 2012 was not to be the year of the Saddleback or Tieke Twelve as we had hoped.

T’was a good year though. Once again the Saddleback did not come last, and what we lacked in votes we made up for in integrity and moral fortitude. Continue reading →

Spontaneous Saddleback Sonnet Sessions

To commemorate the Tieke’s imminent glorious victory in Bird of the Year 2012, I have self-published a book celebrating the Saddleback.

Read it. It’s free. If you like it then please donate. I will give 50% of all koha to Forest and Bird and, if I y’all keep donating past my print run costs, everything else will go to them. I have a limited number of print copies, if you want one please email Me .

Spontaneous Saddleback Sonnet Sessions by Jackson James Wood

Did you like this? Probably not. But if you appreciate the time and effort that went into making it then koha would be greatly appreciated.

Youth Panel video

Here is video of the entire youth panel from Forest and Bird’s Face up to the Future conference.

It was an awesome panel to be part of. Hope to work closely with all these people while our generation faces up to the future.

Face up to the Future

A little while back I was on the Youth Panel at Forest and Bird’s Face up to the Future conference. It was hosted by comedian Te Radar and bought together five awesome young conservationists (and for some reason me) to talk about the future of conservation. Video above showcases a range of people talking about how we can best face up to the future.
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I’ve been asked to speak at some awesome events over the next little while. Would be awesome to see you there.
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Saddleback release at Tawharanui Regional Park

Saturday 24 March 2012, 11am – 1pm

Please meet at Anchor Bay by 11am.
The release will take place at Tokatu Point, which is a 40-60 minute walk from Anchor Bay. Please bring walking shoes and wet weather gear.
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Bringing Saddleback

This was my final video about the Tieke/Saddleback for Forest and Bird’s Bird of the Year competition 2011. For some reason the aspect of the video fucked up and while it was rendering chewed up the original footage. I was also in a rush to get it out the door. Looks good though.

There will be more this year. Promise.

Saddleback for Bird of the Year

My first campaign video for the Saddleback/Tieke in Forest and Bird’s Bird of the Year competition 2011.

Tieke pamphlet

A pamphlet I gave out in Midland Park to try and win votes for the Saddleback/Tieke in Forest and Bird’s ‘Bird of the Year’ competition. A video was made of this event.