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About a drug: Salvia

About a Drug: Salvia by Jackson James Wood

First published in Matters of Substance May 2013. Web version here.

Cost of Our Convictions

Cost of Our Convictions by Jackson James Wood

NZ and World news feb 2013

Matters of Substance NZ and World News Feb 2012 by Jackson James Wood

Mythbusters: Alcohol helps us forget


Originally published in Matters of Substance November 2012.



Originally published in Matters of Substance November 2012.

Drug Foundation Soundtrack

Catherine and I got the idea to put together a work-related play list. We solicited input via Twitter and Facebook. This is what we ended up with. We could easily have kept going. But even this selection, which ranges from 1944 to 2012, shows how pervasive drug use is in artistic endeavors and how it sends ripples through our culture. Track listing below the jump. Continue reading →


Ross Bell, my boss at the NZ Drug Foundation, sticking it to the Church of Scientology over their quack drug rehab program which is just a front to sucker in members.

Chris Kennedy Lawford

This week I have had the privilege and pleasure to hang out with Christopher Kennedy Lawford. The NZ Drug Foundation hosted him in New Zealand where he was doing work for his role as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador on Drug Dependence, Treatment and Care.
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