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Everyone in Dakar is a business man. Everyone is trying to sell you something. Everyone.
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Dusk beach

On the day it rained when we were in Dakar, the Global Young Greens had a beach party at one of the many little private beach areas on Yoff.
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Global Young Greens

I was deeply in awe of all the intelligent and passionate youth from all over the world who made it to the congress. Young Greens from Mongolia to Morocco and everywhere in between attended to share their stories and expertise with other youth.

Straphanging Senegal style

Managed to catch a ride on some of the local transport.

Independence Day

I had a close encounter with the newly elected president on Senegal’s Independence Day. Macky Sall sped past me on his way to Place de L’ind├ępendance for the celebrations.
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Senegalese Hip Hop

Managed to catch some live hip hop while in Dakar. It was in-fucking-credible. Switching between French, English, Wolof. The energy. The passion. The rhythm. So so good.
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Panel Discussion


Panel discussion at the Global Greens Congress. From the left Dorothy Tekwie (Papua New Guinea Greens), Senator Bob Brown (Australian Greens), C├ęcile Duflot (European Greens), Claudia Roth (Co-chair of the German Greens), and Bart Dhondt (Belgium Greens and a Global Young Green).

Buzzard Ball

Saw this Buzzard attacking another Buzzard. Victorious, he retired to perch atop the basket ball hoop and observe us.

I’m not actually 100% sure this is a Buzzard. Based on internet-based research I think it is a Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo rufinus), but am more than willing to be contradicted on this.

African Renaissance Monument

Dakar is home to the tallest statue in the world: Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine.
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Democracy in Senegal


Tonight there is a big party in Dakar to celebrate the peaceful and democratic election. Should be an awesome night.