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Mao’s Shadow

Mao’s shadow still shrouds China. His portrait is still on Tiananmen Gate. His face stares back at you from the currency. The scars he created still cause heartache.
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Foreign Affairs

This is the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. We were given a talk by one of their officials as part of the field trip. Our Professor, Stephen Levine, reckoned we must have been some of first Westeners ever inside the building.

Changing the Guard

Changing of the guard in Tiananmen Square. I think this is the best photo I took while in China.

Political Theatre

Blurry photo in low light of the main chamber of the Chinese National People’s Congress — the equivalent of our House of Parliament. Notice how it is similar to a theatre.

Beijing Subway

Caught a ride on the Beijing Subway.

Half Chinese

This photo was taken on the gate of the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing. I visited in 2006 for the Victoria University of Wellington school of Political Science field trip at the China University of Politics and Law. The left side of the photo is the New Zealand side the right is the Chinese side.