Sith laugh evilly at Libertarianz

Thursday, 10 February 2011, 1:44 pm
Press Release: Sith Conclave
Sith laugh evilly at Libertarianz

Press release in response to this release from the Jedi High Council.

The Libertarianz party of New Zealand is destined to be one of mediocrity and will never truly know the power of the Dark Side, the New Zealand Sith Conclave said today.

“By seeking an alliance with the Jedi Council the Libertarianz have confirmed their weakness,” Sith Lord Darth Vader said.

“We care not for freedom of speech, freedom of religious choice and the need for government to respect the personal beliefs of New Zealanders — we believe only in power.

“By not having any power, whatsoever, at all, in New Zealand politics we are sure that the Libertarianz are not practitioners of either side of the force.

“The Sith Conclave was invited to their AGM last year. I have never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villany.”

Mr Vader was quick to point out that the Sith Conclave is very active in New Zealand politics.

“The Sith are great. While we don’t generally operate in the open, I think it is safe to lay claim to destroying the rebel Alliance in 2002.

“We’re also lucky that not all of the Brash emails were leaked — that could’ve been very embarassing,” Mr Vader chuckled.

Mr Vader was quick to point out that he was not Libertarianz Leader, Richard McGrath’s father.


Release originally published here at Scoop.

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