Save the RMA


The Resource Management Act is for most people just the piece of legislation that means they can’t put up that deck without going down the the council.

It is much more than that. It is one of the fundamental pieces of legislation that protects our environment. It sets down the principles by which we use our land and resources. When it was passed in the early 90s it was 20 years ahead of its time, which is why, with climate change, freshwater problems, and other environmental issues, it is the time we need it now.

In their crusade to change the RMA, National and their cronies have done a good job of characterising the legislation as “cumbersome, uncertain and highly litigious.”

That might be peoples’ impression, it is however not backed up by fact.

Rod Oram pointed out a few weeks ago that the report that is the basis of the proposed changes to the RMA is “irresponsibly short on facts captured by analysis”. and then goes on to point out that in 2010/2011 the RMA was actually quite efficient. Check out Mr Oram’s piece.

Needless to say, the proposed changes are an attack on our environment designed to undermine New Zealand.

Here are some various links that point out — in a far better way than I will ever be able to — why changing the RMA in the way proposed is a bad thing.

Finally, if you think that the RMA is worth saving then head on over to this petition and sign it.

The lovely piece of artwork at the top is by Josh Drummond. Head on over to his website here.

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