Pukeiti, just outside New Plymouth, is a magical place. The air is clear and fresh. It is quiet and peaceful. It is paradise. This water wheel used to power a mill that logged the native timber around Mt Taranaki. It has been remade and now pumps most of the water used to irrigate the gardens.

Some ornate Maori carving representing Ranginui, the earth mother.

There are many beautiful old Rimu in Pukeiti.

This giant Rata over 20 metres high and 12 metres around. Simply awe-inspiring. It is also home to many epiphytes and spiders (as Amy found out when she climbed into the hollow for a photo).

Pukeiti is most famous for the many varieties of Rhododendron it is home to. It is the jewel in the crown of Taranaki’s annual Rhododendron and Garden Festival.

All roads lead to New Plymouth. Amy was fascinated by this sign and insisted on photographing it. She also insisted on taking many photos of me.

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