Birthday and birds (part 4)

My dear friend Bron gave me this Tieke finger puppet. I thought it fitting to take Sami the Saddleback along to meet her relatives. Photo by Amy.
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Birthday and birds (part 3)

Ponga (Cyathea dealbata) frond.

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Birthday and birds (part 2)

I even managed to catch some Tieke/Saddleback (Philesturnus carunculatus) while I was there (on camera, not in a trap to take home and have pets).
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Birthday and birds (Part 1)

It was my birthday yesterday and my wonderful girlface took me to Zealandia! Above are some Wellington Green Geckos (Naultinus elegans punctatus).
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Gordon Brown: (knee) jerk

This was originally published on the Taranaki Daily News Online on 10/07/2012 and in the print edition on 11/07/2012.

When I first sat down to write a reply to Gordon Brown’s latest column in the Taranaki Daily News my heart dropped.

How can I refute so many factual errors, point out so many inconsistencies, and generally try and respond to the eclectic string of sentences most probably constructed by Mr Brown holding the keyboard upside down while jerking his knee violently against it?

The route settled on was to ignore most of what Mr Brown wrote and attempt to divine the general themes he was trying to get across and discuss those.
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Respect people and nature

The Taranaki Daily News’ Sarah Foy wrote this profile of me which ran today. For some reason they decided to use a photo of me from when I was 16 even though I had provided them with a beautiful photo by Sean Gillespie. Anyways, here are some highlights.

Jackson Wood remembers doing the career search at school. It was a software programme called Career Quest – details were tapped in; an appropriate career spat out and a percentage given in terms of strength for a job.

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Youth Panel video

Here is video of the entire youth panel from Forest and Bird’s Face up to the Future conference.

It was an awesome panel to be part of. Hope to work closely with all these people while our generation faces up to the future.

Alcohol Reform Bill sheets

The Alcohol Reform Bill will be coming up in Parliament for it’s final reading after the recess.

Alcohol causes a shit-load of harm in New Zealand. We really need to get the liquor laws right.

The bill, as it stands, is a bit shit. It does not address key areas. My work produced these six nifty little fact sheets for MPs to assist them factually while they’re debating the bill and suggest positive changes that will reduce alcohol-related harm in our communities.
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Face up to the Future

A little while back I was on the Youth Panel at Forest and Bird’s Face up to the Future conference. It was hosted by comedian Te Radar and bought together five awesome young conservationists (and for some reason me) to talk about the future of conservation. Video above showcases a range of people talking about how we can best face up to the future.
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Goin’ back to Houston

I’m headed back to the United Space School this July to be a mentor for the youths from all over the world who converge on NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston to learn about the wonders of space.
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