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1.54 pm I was greeted at the airport by a man holding a sign with my name on it. He looked suspiciously like TV3 personality Ali Ikram (who may or may not be a terrorist. He doesn’t have a beard. I do. I must remember to shave it off when… if… I get back). I managed to take a photo of my on my tax-payer purchased iPhone before he spotted me. Continue reading →

Te whakahoki

YAY. Mr Ansell replied to my email. But he seems to have gotten the wrong end of the taiaha. Continue reading →

A day in the life of Richard Prosser (Part 1)

3 am Suddenly awake. Screaming. Sweating. I had had a terrible dream. I had been on a plane with a terrorist. I could tell he was a terrorist due to the fact he had a towel on his head. The scene dissolved into that of a sauna. What am I doing in a sauna with a terrorist? I slap myself. Again. Harder. I’m awake. Calm. I calmly take out the Walther PPK out from under my pillow, calmy. With calmness I stroke it. Sleep comes back to me. Continue reading →

Job application with spine

ansell ad

Photo supplied by Dave @Custard_Square

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jackson Wood
Date: 12 February 2013 10:58
Subject: Job application with spine
To: John Ansell

Dear John,

A bit of a dreary way to start a letter, what with all the connotations about heart wrenching break ups from afar. However, John, this is not a break up letter. It could be, in fact, the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship. Continue reading →


2013-01-27 11.51.53

I was kidnapped today by my dear friends Rachel and Aaron. They threw me in the back of their van and sped over the Rimutukas. Here are some images I managed to snap on my phone’s camera. Continue reading →

Cat mania


Recently Gareth Morgan — economist, investor, philanthropist, et al — launched a campaign to slowly eradicate all cats in NZ.

I made this image for the lols.

Read more about this really serious issue here from Nicola Toki.

Zealong excursion


On a small excursion form the beaten track, my colleague Sara and I happened upon Zealong: New Zealand’s only tea plantation. Continue reading →

Mythbusters: Alcohol helps us forget


Originally published in Matters of Substance November 2012.



Originally published in Matters of Substance November 2012.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

A couple of weeks back Russell Brand came to Wellington. It was his 10th year of sobriety and so the Drug Foundation organized for some people in recovery to head backstage at his show. Managed to get some good shots of him. Continue reading →