Three hundred and sixty five

Hi, my name is Jackson.

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ADF article

Here is an article Catherine McCullough and I wrote for the Australian Drug Foundation’s magazine. Continue reading →

Are Twitter DMs official information?

A few weeks ago @h_yd_n asked an interesting question on Twitter:


The conversation that followed led Di, Hadyn, and I to actually make a request under the Official Information Act.

We asked a pretty straight forward request to see if DMs that were run by Ministers fell under the act in the same way that email does. Our thinking was that Twitter is another communication tool that politicians are increasingly using to communicate and wanted to test (in a non-malicious and not too silly way) whether that was the case.

So here is the response we got today from the Prime Minister’s office. Note that other Ministers are yet to respond.

Twitter DM Official Information Act Request by Jackson James Wood

So what does this tell us?

Di and I think that it confirms DM’s sent by Ministers are OIAable.

In this case because

“Rt Hon John Key does not respond via this account personally, the account is managed on his behalf by staff in this office. The only DMs sent from the account are occasional responses to correspondents suggesting who they should get in touch with regarding their query.”

it does seem fair that there is no public interest in releasing the information and we’re happy to take the PM at his (and his staffs) word.

However, with Ministers like Judith Collins (@JudithCollinsMP) who do personally use their twitter account we might see something interesting.

After all, Twitter is just another way to communicate. It does make sense that “official correspondence” might take place via Twitter, it is pretty cool way to talk to people.

So, in theory, anything that isn’t covered by S9 of the OIA should be released with other ministers when they get back to us.

It will be interesting to see if any official correspondence has taken place via Twitter, this might be a world first if it has!

Our OIA also raises questions about whether Facebook messages and other ‘private’ functions on social media are covered by the act.

We know that there is a grey area between “personal” and “official” correspondence, and we wonder whether the Cabinet Manual should be updated to include rules around social media use and whether the act itself needs to be updated.

We thank the PM and Mr Eagleson for their response and we look forward to the other Ministers replying in kind with the spirit the request was intended.


Will put in all the Ministers responses here.

My friend Josh, AKA cakeburger, has a brother who has just started a cool website

Leon does pretty much what the name on the website says. You ask him to “draw me a…” and then he does it.

I asked Leon to draw me a caricature of me. Here is the bloody awesome result.

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Buckets of Love

Here is the 48 Hour Film Festival entry and Daniel J Miles, Jasmine Koh and I put together.

Anti Science brigade, why you so anti science?

Hamilton City Council recently made the ill-informed decision to remove fluoride from the city’s drinking water. Now the ill-informed people who blindly pushed for that outcome are saying Wellington is their next target. This worries me.

It worries me a lot.

Read more over on The Ruminator where this post was originally published.

Fuck you, New Zealand Bill

I was walking along upper Lambton Quay this morning, when a paper plane soared out of the ninth floor of the Beehive and hit me.


This goes a long way to explaining a few things that the National Government has done since taking the tiller in 2008. Claire Browning over on Pundit so clearly shows a lot of the tomfoolery that they’ve gotten up to here.

But we’ve also got the following people putting their two cents in as well:

And there are a whole bunch more people whom I have missed out who are politely, and not so politely (I’m looking at you, Keith), pointing out the total and utter contempt that this Government has for the people of New Zealand, our democratic systems, and our environment.

When we look at it like this, the Fuck You, New Zealand Bill is the obvious next step.

Edited: Just added, and will continue to add people putting their two cents in.

About a drug: Salvia

About a Drug: Salvia by Jackson James Wood

First published in Matters of Substance May 2013. Web version here.

Legal complaint to The Civilian

Miles, Miles & Partners
Private Bag 1337
Wellington, New Zealand

May 8, 2013

Mr Ben Uffindell
Editor, The Civilian
Christchurch, New Zealand


Dear Mr Uffindell,

I write on behalf of my client, a Mr. Jackson James Wood, with regard to repeated incorrect quotations from him by your publication, The Civilian.

Specifically, over the last six months, Mr Wood has never once been quoted as saying anything in your publication. This is patently untrue and incorrect, and construes a slur upon Mr. Wood’s reputation.

Over the time in which he has been not quoted by your publication, Mr Wood has in fact spoken on several occasions — and, on more than one of these occasions, I myself have been present and heard the comments made.

Only yesterday, over a curry in the dead city of Wellington, Mr Wood made several pithy remarks regarding the changeable weather and the state of Cricket in this country. None of these were reported in The Civilian, giving your readers the clear implication that Mr Wood had said nothing at all.

My client is extremely concerned your implication he is mute, totally devoid of speech, or just extremely socially awkward, is an unwarranted and frankly scurrilous accusation which holds no basis in fact. Given the high standing of your publication in New Zealand’s media landscape, we are gravely concerned the people of New Zealand will begin to see him as less eloquent than he truly is. Indeed, I have already received several inquiries, arising from your inaccurate non-quotation, from the public around the mute or otherwise status of my client, including one from a Mr. C Craig of Auckland who was wholly taken in by your lack of comments.

I have in my possession signed affidavits from Mr Wood’s mother, myself, and the “dude” who makes him coffee in the morning testifying my client can talk, talks often, and, in some cases, too much. In fact, I have sometimes wished he would just shut up. Moreover, the statement from Mr Wood’s mother is very clear that his ability to speak and sometimes even to form complex sentences has been ongoing since the age of sixteen.

My client asks if you even know who he is?

In order to rectify this egregious oversight in future, I hereby demand on behalf of my client that The Civilian, at its own cost, employ a sufficient number of stenographers so as to follow my client at all times to record his comments, and ensure that he is henceforth quoted fully and correctly in your publication.

We also require that The Civilian, again at its own cost, collect, obtain and publish a transcript of all of Mr. Wood’s remarks to date so as to correct the current, incorrect, state of affairs.

If these demands are not met, Mr Wood will have no option but to give consideration to baseless legal action and the drawing out of further ridicule onto himself.

It is my hope that this matter can be resolved to our mutual satisfaction.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel J Miles
Non-attorney at law


Jackson James Wood


Earlier in the year I was in a play called Rageface by Adam Goodall.

To raise money for said play, he used the crowd funding site Pledgeme. It’s really cool. Because I pledged some money, Mr Goodall wrote me a piece of fan fiction as a reward. It is too good not to share. So here it is: Continue reading →