Everyone in Dakar is a business man. Everyone is trying to sell you something. Everyone.
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Dusk beach

On the day it rained when we were in Dakar, the Global Young Greens had a beach party at one of the many little private beach areas on Yoff.
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Hyde Park

The weather, although cold while I was in London, was clear and sunny. Good for getting out and going for a walk.
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Global Young Greens

I was deeply in awe of all the intelligent and passionate youth from all over the world who made it to the congress. Young Greens from Mongolia to Morocco and everywhere in between attended to share their stories and expertise with other youth.


Tieke-based graffiti in Rotorua, as spotted by @not_friends.

Pedestrian Crossing

I stumbled across Abbey Road while going for a walk. The most famous pedestrian crossing in the world was totally blocked by tourists walking across, trying to snap Beatles-esque pictures, and generally milling around. You can even watch a live stream!
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War and Peace

Spotted at Saint Mark’s Church in Maida Vale, London.

Straphanging Senegal style

Managed to catch a ride on some of the local transport.

Independence Day

I had a close encounter with the newly elected president on Senegal’s Independence Day. Macky Sall sped past me on his way to Place de L’ind├ępendance for the celebrations.
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Before asking me about the trip to Dakar, please refer to this handy dandy list of Frequently Asked Questions.
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