Otago Odyssey (Part 2)

Managed to grab this shot just as the plane was landing on lake Te Anau.

Me skipping stones on lake Te Anau. Harder than it looks because there were not many decent stones for skipping.

On the way over to the Catlins we got waylaid by a herd of sheep being sent to the shearing shed.

This is the boardwalk at Tautuku Estuary, just inland from Tautuku beach. There were weird little snails sitting on the surface of the mudflats trying to climb back onto the grasses and reeds.

This is an Oystercatcher. I saw him poking around for dinner on Tautuku beach. Not sure if he found anything though.

This mighty kelp cat o’ nine tails was washed up on Tautuku.

The sad sight of a decomposing gull.

Part one of the Otago Odyssey is here.

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