NZ bloggers in fish fight

Well known internet satarist and Labour hack Scott “Imperator Fish” Yorke today launched an attack on long time tiddlywinks commentator and self-styled media/politics guru Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury.

Yorke’s opening salvo consisted of a blog post which claimed Bradbury had announced plans to open a chain of real estate offices throughout Auckland.

Bradbury maintains that this is not true despite providing no evidence to refute Yorke’s claims.

“If only Scott York [sic] spent as much time trying to actually be funny,” Bradbury tweeted before devolving into an incomprehensible and unwarranted ad hominem attack.

Yorke replied to Bradbury with a lame, if not well-spelled and reasonable, response correcting Bradbury’s spelling.

Luckily, an on the spot correspondent for managed to catch the action on film:

Our correspondent was unsure which one was which.

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