Went home to New Plymouth this weekend to see my family. They had Marmite. I haven’t eaten Marmite in many months due to Marmageddon. Their supply was not quite enough. Another empty pottle of Marmite to add to the growing pile.

I also got to see the cat.

At this point, stricken down with the tropical diseases I bought back from Senegal, I had to put down the camera and Amy — who has contributed to this website before — had to pick it up. This photo and the next two are by her. They’re pretty darn good.

This name plaque, made by my father, hung in the entrance to my room since I was a very very small child. It was recently taken down so my parents could paint my old room.

A photo of me circa 1988 from when my family lived in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Also packed up because of redecorating.

7 Comments on "Marmageddon"

  1. Ross Bell says:

    I have a full jar of marmite in a top drawer at work :)

  2. Emily Blunt says:

    Those last three photos are amazing. Did you take those? They’re amazing.

    • JJW says:

      Actually some random woman walked into my house and took those photos while I was on the loo. Weird, huh.