Long overdue update: PledgeMe + Ora + albatrosses

Okay. So not the most fastidious blogger. But I have been busy.

albatross coloured small
Firstly, in July I started working for PledgeMe. It’s an awesome company which helps people harness the power of their crowd to fund the things they care about. My official title is “Chief Media Wrangler” which is probably the best job title I’ve ever had. Anna Guenther, the boss lady, is pretty awesome, and the rest of the team, well… that’s just Jen… is pretty cool too.

The big news here is that we just attracted $100,000 of investment with our very own equity crowdfunding campaign and we did that in under 24 hours. Which means Anna and my record of working together on crowdfunding campaigns remains untarnished.

The other thing I have been doing is super cool too: I’ve got my own start up happening. Ora is making workplaces safer and healthier by measuring the thing that matters to workplaces accidents, impairment. I’ve written a blog post over on the Ora site about the initial startup phase. Keep an eye on the blog over there.

The other other thing I’ve been up to is supporting the Chatham Albatross in Forest and Bird‘s Seabird of the Year. I know this is a diversion from my usual favourite feathered friend, the Tieke/Saddleback, but F&B didn’t accept my argument that they were seabirds. Even after I dressed one up as a pirate.

So Chatham Albatross it is. It’s a mean-ass bird who roves the South Pacific in search of food and mates. Josh Drummond knocked me up the amazing gangpatch above for the campaign and we’re getting t-shirts made. If you want one let me know.

It’s great to be involved with some awesome organisations. I love PledgeMe and working with the Akina Foundation and my super awesome team on Ora, and Josh is an old pal who I love working with. I hope he is reading this and gets the hint and moves from Hamilton to Wellington. It’s amazing how much you can achieve when you have a supportive crowd of people around you who you can collaborate with. Good work everyone!

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