Links 22/07/2012

I was supposed to post this on Sunday but forgot. Enjoy!

How to make an MP’s life miserable, New Zealand Herald
I have been a long-time admirer of Bob Jones since I first met him in 2004 at the Salient Bob Jones Commerce Bash. This column follows another cracker about Don Brash being part of Auckland’s reptilian brotherhood. He seriously just does not give a fuck any more. Kia ora, Bob, kia ora.

The strangest coincidence ever recorded, AOL
Watch this. Be amazed. Call your child “Hugh Williams” and put them on a ship off the coast of Wales.

Planet Earth is Blue, Pundit
Pretty much only because I got a mention.

Palau: Is it the world’s cannabis capital?, BBC World
In case you didn’t want to read the entire article the answer is no. Silly United Nations drug report. Although, in saying that. I wouldn’t mind going to Palau just to hang out.

Photo by Nick Lucey

When the Army Was Democratic, New York Review of Books
Interesting piece written by a former US soldier who served under the draft.

What destroyed it? In World War II and the Korean War everybody served. It was a draft, it was patriotic, but it was also the manly thing to do. In Vietnam, by the time the Americans’ war had been going for a few years, the army had many fewer white faces in them than had been the case in the Korean War. By the time I was there, cynicism about the war was part of nearly every conversation, not only among troops and non-coms but also with junior officers and, off the record, with many who were not so junior. Nobody really believed that the war was being won. Why were we there?

Editorial: Regulating legal highs a sensible move, New Zealand Herald
Regardless of what Ross says, it was me that came up with the term “slaying the party pill hydra” in relation to Peter Dunne’s propsed synthetic drug laws.

Mich. “Democrat” Roy Schmidt pulls ultimate dick move, jumps to GOP too late for another Dem to run, Daily Kos
After Twitter conversations with Graeme Edgeler we have decided that this is very improbable in NZ due to internal political party rules. But what a dick.

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