Legal complaint to The Civilian

Miles, Miles & Partners
Private Bag 1337
Wellington, New Zealand

May 8, 2013

Mr Ben Uffindell
Editor, The Civilian
Christchurch, New Zealand


Dear Mr Uffindell,

I write on behalf of my client, a Mr. Jackson James Wood, with regard to repeated incorrect quotations from him by your publication, The Civilian.

Specifically, over the last six months, Mr Wood has never once been quoted as saying anything in your publication. This is patently untrue and incorrect, and construes a slur upon Mr. Wood’s reputation.

Over the time in which he has been not quoted by your publication, Mr Wood has in fact spoken on several occasions — and, on more than one of these occasions, I myself have been present and heard the comments made.

Only yesterday, over a curry in the dead city of Wellington, Mr Wood made several pithy remarks regarding the changeable weather and the state of Cricket in this country. None of these were reported in The Civilian, giving your readers the clear implication that Mr Wood had said nothing at all.

My client is extremely concerned your implication he is mute, totally devoid of speech, or just extremely socially awkward, is an unwarranted and frankly scurrilous accusation which holds no basis in fact. Given the high standing of your publication in New Zealand’s media landscape, we are gravely concerned the people of New Zealand will begin to see him as less eloquent than he truly is. Indeed, I have already received several inquiries, arising from your inaccurate non-quotation, from the public around the mute or otherwise status of my client, including one from a Mr. C Craig of Auckland who was wholly taken in by your lack of comments.

I have in my possession signed affidavits from Mr Wood’s mother, myself, and the “dude” who makes him coffee in the morning testifying my client can talk, talks often, and, in some cases, too much. In fact, I have sometimes wished he would just shut up. Moreover, the statement from Mr Wood’s mother is very clear that his ability to speak and sometimes even to form complex sentences has been ongoing since the age of sixteen.

My client asks if you even know who he is?

In order to rectify this egregious oversight in future, I hereby demand on behalf of my client that The Civilian, at its own cost, employ a sufficient number of stenographers so as to follow my client at all times to record his comments, and ensure that he is henceforth quoted fully and correctly in your publication.

We also require that The Civilian, again at its own cost, collect, obtain and publish a transcript of all of Mr. Wood’s remarks to date so as to correct the current, incorrect, state of affairs.

If these demands are not met, Mr Wood will have no option but to give consideration to baseless legal action and the drawing out of further ridicule onto himself.

It is my hope that this matter can be resolved to our mutual satisfaction.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel J Miles
Non-attorney at law


Jackson James Wood

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