Jackson Wood Offers Government Support

Wednesday, 3 June 2009, 12:29 pm
Press Release: Jackson Wood
Press Release – Jackson Wood Offers Government Support


Mt. Albert aspirant Jackson James Wood today called on John Key to recognise his popularity amongst the electorate and promise him the role of Minister of Internal Affairs upon his entry to Parliament.

“Originally, I didn’t know whether I’d side with the Government, the Opposition, or sit happily on the crossbenches once I made it to parliament,” Wood said.

“Though the Labour party probably wasn’t an option as they already have a hanger-on.

“However, with the baubles of office now firmly within my grasp, I’d like to pledge my undying loyalty to the Government if they can only see fit to give me the post I so rightly deserve.

“I have to concede that I am totally unqualified to serve as Internal Affairs minister. However, this should only serve to make me more at home around a cabinet table with Anne Tolley.”


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