Houston: Days 3, 4, 5 (First day of Space School!)

Everything started to get really busy on Saturday. We had our first bunch of students arrive in Houston. We picked up the first three students from George Bush Intercontinental.

Here are some of my cell phone photos from the past few days.

That’s me driving the van for pick up.

Squirrels! (Coming from a land with few native mammals so these small things amuse me).

Road sign.

Best thing I have eaten so far: stuffed jalepeno peppers. So good. Brings back memories of 2002 Space School.

Houston definitely has better street names than New Zealand.

And just to show how patriotic they are, even Pop Tarts come in the colours of the American flag.

So today was the first day of United Space School. We kicked off with lunch and speeches by Rob Alexander and George Abbey before launching into interviews with the students to determine which team they will be in for the duration of the programme.

There are five teams which have to plan a mission to Mars. They are,

Gold — Misson Control (my team)
Maroon — Getting into orbit (Sinead’s team)
Red — Getting from orbit to Mars (and back?) (Andrew’s team)
Green — Living on Mars (Angie’s team)
Blue — working on Mars (Ben’s team)

When I first came in 2002 I was in the white team which was the ‘living there’ team.

The interview process was fun and we all got to meet the passionate and very intelligent students. They find out tomorrow which teams they are in then all systems are go for the project.

After work we headed to Boondoggles, which seems to be becoming our regular. Good beer and great food.

Anyhows, it is late. I need sleeeeep. Night, y’all.

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