Houston: Day 8 (Mexican Night)

Last night at the United Space School’s traditional Mexican Night we had two special visitors, astronauts Chris Hadfield and Catherine Coleman.

The night was capped off with Chris and Catherine performing for us, Chris on guitar and Cathy on flute. They played ‘Ride On’ in dedication to Sally Ride — the first American woman in space and the youngest American to ever fly up — who passed away recently.

Here are some more photos from the evening.

Cathy and Chris talking.

Cathy talking about how she dislikes physics.

Chris putting on his United Space School shirt.

Chris singing and playin’ guitar.

Cathy and Chris performing.

The crowd at Mexican Night.

Gerardo Vitagliano (Italy) performs a song called Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano (So you want to be an American)

2 Comments on "Houston: Day 8 (Mexican Night)"

  1. Eric Turner says:

    Jackson — sounds like a lot of fun that you’re up to! How about an article and photos for Te Awa? Include how you got onto this — were you selected or did you volunteer? Were you sponsored? If not for August (which I’d need by 3 August) than maybe do it later for the Nov issue. Cheers, Eric

  2. Martin Young says:

    Has Mamacitas had a makeover or has the mexican night moved? Loving the blog, so many great memories. know I keep saying that, but my mum is moving house and I just went through my box of space school stuff today. Great times :)