While at United Space School we went on a field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There was a lot of space stuff and a lot of oil industry stuff. But the real attraction for me was the Hall of Paleontology. It was simply amazing.

Starts off with trilobites…

These spirals show the growth phases of two different types of trilobite. On one side we have Flexicalymene meeki and on the other Isotelus maximus.

This is a Eryops, a gator-headed frog-oid. It is a forerunner to the alligator.

This is a Desmatosuchus. Relative of modern crocodiles. Technically not a dinosaur but still very cool.


Hello there, Acrocanthosaurus.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex named Stan.

Stan was rather war torn with many broken ribs and scratched bones.

Mini-Raptors dubbed Julieraptor. Cute.

This cute lil’ fella is a Clam-Crunching Sea Turtle (Toxochelys).

A chap putting up another display.

Slothzilla (Eremotherium)

The history of human evolution. So cool, and a wonderful place to end.

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