Here in Dakar

After over 30 hours of flying, I am here in Dakar.

My original flights had been delayed due to fog in Wellington, so I was anxious to get on my way.

Wellington, Auckland, Los Angeles, London, Lisbon, Dakar. Long trip. Highlights include: sitting next to a dude from Wisconsin who was an outdoor survival medic — think Bear Grylls but fatter and more ginger bearded. He had been doing outdoorsy stuff with Norwegian school kids in the South Island.

Flight from Heathrow was delayed slightly but made it to Lisbon in time for TAP Portugal to run us over to the awaiting plane.

Managed to sleep for the duration of this flight which was a great relief.

Arrived in Dakar at 2AM, and safe, healthy, and happy. Although I did have some visa problems which I will tell you about soon.

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