Green AGM

Over the past weekend the Green Party held its Annual General Meeting. This year it was in Silverstream and I was given the opportunity to speak a few times.

First opportunity was on the first night of the AGM which coincided with the Values Party reunion and fortieth anniversary. I was privileged to have been asked to speak about a youth perspective about how Values had shaped my generation and where I see the future of Values/Greens heading.

You can read the speech here. I will post a video and a link to Christine Dann’s speech when they go online.

The second opportunity to speak was with my wonderful, talented, and organised Young Green Co-convenor Izzy. We introduced the party review session of the AGM by talking about how awesome the Young Greens are, what we’re doing to make the party even awesomer and we showed a video that I made which asked Young Greens 1) why the like the Green Party, 2) what sets the Green Party apart from other political partys and 3) where do they see the Green Party in 20 years time.

I may post that video at some stage if you’re lucky.

The media were all over the conference and I got vox popped by TVNZ news which you can watch here and also had an interivew with Radio New Zealand which played on Morning Report this morning.

It was a great conference with Russel and Metiria giving powerful speeches which came across as very co-Primeministerial. It was also great to catch up with with wider kakariki whanau and consolidate the awesome successes of the past year.

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