Flying over Houston

One of the board members for the Foundation for International Space Education, Jeevan Perera, took Ben, Sinead, two of the students who he is hosting Alex Carney and Montse Cordero, and I night flying over Houston.

One word: absolutely-mind-blowingly-crazy-amazing-awesome-times-a-million.

Above is me hopping into the plane.

Here is the plane itself. I can’t remember what type it was off the top of my head. But I will update that when I remember/Jeevan tells me.

As if to prove what a small world it is, the plane parked next to Jeevan’s is owned by a New Zealander!

Alex and Montse were kind enough to take some photos of me while I was flying the plane.

Co-pilot Wood at the ready!

Taking the plane into a turn at 2500 feet.

The instrument panel with Houston in the background.

We dropped down to just over 1000 feet over Houston.


I have never flown a plane before and this was an amazing (if not slightly frighting) experience. Thanks heaps Jeevan!

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