Before asking me about the trip to Dakar, please refer to this handy dandy list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Did you have a good time?
A: Yes. Durh.

Q: Did you like the food?
A: It was good. Local dishes, like fish heads, were delicious and French cuisine is always great.

Q: Did you get sick?
A: No. Well. Maybe. Do you really want to know the answer to that?

Q: Was it hot?
A: No. Sub-Saharan is much like the Antarctic except with more icebergs. It is a little known fact that the Titanic actually sank just off the coast of Dakar.

Of course it was hot.

Q: Are you jetlagged?
A: Yes. A little bit. Not too bad considering it was over 30 hours of flying to get there and 25 on the way back.

Q: Where are the photos?! I wanna see all your photos! Now, God damn it.
A: I have photos. You may have seen some of them on this very website. I am going through them, chosing the good ones, and will post the really good ones here and the rest on Flickr and Facebook… eventually.

Q: Did you learn any funky Senegalese dance moves?
A: No. I’m white. I can’t dance. End of story.

Q: Was there good coffee?
A: Yes! Very good French coffee. Not so much the Nescafe crap you can buy on the street for 50 CFA.

Q: Did you manage to get out of Dakar?
A: Sadly, no. I just didn’t have the time or French skills to get out.

Q: Tell me more about your trip. I want to know everything.
A: Bah humbug. I will write more about it as the ideas and thoughts settle into my brain. It was an awesome experience and I need time for the inspiration to percolate.

Q: Was it dangerous?
A: I did not feel particularly in danger. However, I was walking with Tanya Gutmanis from the Canadian Greens when her necklace got snatched. But something like that could have happened in pretty much any major city in the world. Perhaps I was just naïvely oblivious to the danger I was in.

Q: What was the best African bird you saw?
A: A buzzard!

Q: Did you fire an AK-47 in the air?
A: No.

Q: Could you live in Dakar?
A: Yes. It is a lovely place once you get under the dust.

Q: How awesome is Senegalese hip hop?
A: Pretty fuckin’ awesome.

If you do have a question that is not answered in the FAQs, then please feel free to ask it via a comment.

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