Dear British American Tobacco, please employ Josh Drummond

My dear friend Joshua Drummond has applied for the role of Press Relations and Regulatory Affairs Manager. At his behest I have provided him with this reference. I hope that our tobacco overlords at BAT see fit to employ this fine young man in their service.

Keith Ng has also written Josh a reference.

During his time with our organisation, he has proved himself both resourceful and committed to the cause of freedom from the nanny state. On one occasion – the celebration of Dr Don Brash’s election as Prime Minister – Mr Drummond personally walked from our Belarus depot with 19 cartons of cigarettes internally concealed within his person. Why did he internally conceal the cigarettes when we had underground tunnels? Because that was how much he loved freedom.

One Comment on "Dear British American Tobacco, please employ Josh Drummond"

  1. Michael Stevens says:

    Well there goes any chance I had of getting the job with my feeble .5FTE heroin-dealing background.