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There is no such thing as cannabis withdrawal

There is no such thing as cannabis withdrawal by Jackson James Wood

NZ and World news feb 2013

Matters of Substance NZ and World News Feb 2012 by Jackson James Wood

Mythbusters: Alcohol helps us forget


Originally published in Matters of Substance November 2012.



Originally published in Matters of Substance November 2012.


I just submitted an application to do the Masters in Creative Writing at Victoria University. Here is one of the poems I put into my submission.

A phone call was all it took
A phone call destroyed two lives
“Poppa’s had a fall
I can’t get him up
come over

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Spontaneous Saddleback Sonnet Sessions

To commemorate the Tieke’s imminent glorious victory in Bird of the Year 2012, I have self-published a book celebrating the Saddleback.

Read it. It’s free. If you like it then please donate. I will give 50% of all koha to Forest and Bird and, if I y’all keep donating past my print run costs, everything else will go to them. I have a limited number of print copies, if you want one please email Me .

Spontaneous Saddleback Sonnet Sessions by Jackson James Wood

Did you like this? Probably not. But if you appreciate the time and effort that went into making it then koha would be greatly appreciated.

Alcohol milestones in New Zealand

Timeline of Alcohol by Jackson James Wood


My About a Drug column in Matters of Substance. Read the online version here.

Mdma by Jackson James Wood

Talking Smack With Bob

That time I interviewed Bob McCoskrie for Salient. PDF here on the Salient site here.

It was interesting how both sides of the smacking argument pointed toward this interview as proof that the other side was wrong. Thank Buddha that New Zealand has (hopefully) stopped arguing about whether or not it should be legal to hit your child.

R&D: More than rolling the dice

That time I wrote about New Zealand’s Research and Development spending for Salient. PDF here or Salient site here.

Still relevant given the Green’s plan and Labour’s new found passion for R&D as a way out of recession.