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All Blacks v Pumas + Storify test

Will be curating some content about the All Blacks v Pumas game tonight. Not sure how it’s going to go. But should be a good test run. The Storify story is embedded below the jump or you can follow it here. Continue reading →

UTMB and Space Politics

Here are the USS students at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where we went for a field trip. We learnt a lot about biology, what is life, psychology, and other human-related topics concerned with going to Mars. Continue reading →


I am alive.

San Francisco was amazing.

Back at work and really busy.

Been re-acclimatising to Wellington weather. Gross.

Will be posting photos and tales shortly. In the meantime I am gearing up for Bird of the Year.

Houston: Day 8 (Mexican Night)

Last night at the United Space School’s traditional Mexican Night we had two special visitors, astronauts Chris Hadfield and Catherine Coleman.

The night was capped off with Chris and Catherine performing for us, Chris on guitar and Cathy on flute. They played ‘Ride On’ in dedication to Sally Ride — the first American woman in space and the youngest American to ever fly up — who passed away recently.

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Houston: Day 6 (GOLD TEAM)

From the left: Rhiannon Potter (Australia), Sally Bruce (New Zealand), Jan-Henrik Kossakowski (Germany), Laura Cobban (Scotland), me, Lana du Plessis (South Africa). Down the front Harmen Hoek (Netherlands), Sophie May (Germany) and Camilo Torres (Columbia).

BOOM! This is my team for United Space School 2012. We are mission Mission Control. We are in charge of the mission to Mars: the funding, the politics, the publicity, where the base is located. We are the organisers and the decision makers. What an awesome team it is. Continue reading →

Houston: Days 3, 4, 5 (First day of Space School!)

Everything started to get really busy on Saturday. We had our first bunch of students arrive in Houston. We picked up the first three students from George Bush Intercontinental.

Here are some of my cell phone photos from the past few days.

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Houston: Day 1

Touched down in Houston last night to a balmy 28° C and 80 percent humidity and Laura, my friend from space camp first time around, was there to greet me at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Went from Auckland to San Francisco on Air New Zealand. It was a great flight. I read the book Amy gave me for my birthday: The History of Ornithology. I now know a lot about the people who studied birds through history. Managed to sleep a little bit. Highlight of the flight was 21 Jump Street. Actually hilarious with some awesome cameos.

Got into San Fran and had to wait almost two hours to get through customs. There were 300ish people in queue and only four staff letting people through. This made me almost miss my connection through to Houston. Yo, San Fran Airport, sort your shit out!
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Josh Drummond: Hamilton’s BAT Man

The “wildly talented”* Josh Drummond formally applied for the British American Tobacco job via vidy-oh-oh-h.

Check out the rest of his ramblings here.

*According to Metro hack and all round nice guy Steve Braunias.

Dear British American Tobacco, please employ Josh Drummond

My dear friend Joshua Drummond has applied for the role of Press Relations and Regulatory Affairs Manager. At his behest I have provided him with this reference. I hope that our tobacco overlords at BAT see fit to employ this fine young man in their service.

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I’ve been asked to speak at some awesome events over the next little while. Would be awesome to see you there.
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