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JJW Action Figure

That time I got bored and fashioned a self-aggrandizing action figure from everyday household items.

Offer still stands

Since I didn’t recieve a reply to my initial offer to buy The Herald, I sent a follow up bid. The offer still stands.

Buying The Herald

A letter I wrote to The Herald offering to buy them out when I was Salient editor. Click on the image to read full size. I did not recieve a reply so I sent them a follow up.


A mock album cover I made once. Highest number of upvotes I ever got on Reddit.

100% Rob Muldoon

Something I made once for the infamous @RobMuldoon twitter account.

Patented Underwater Oil Vent Containment Device

From that time Daniel and I sold a plug in response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and donated the proceeds to help with the clean up.

Zombie OIA

That time I wrote to the Minister of Defence asking about the state of New Zealand’s zombie preparedness. I also asked the Minister of Health, just in case the Government treats zombies as a public health issue.

Mount Albert by-election ballot

From that time I ran in that by-election and was narrowly defeated by that guy who went on to become the leader of Labour.