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Buckets of Love

Here is the 48 Hour Film Festival entry and Daniel J Miles, Jasmine Koh and I put together.

Terrorist in Te Aro


Everyone’s favourite racist MP might be coming to Te Aro.

Can anyone confirm this is legit?

Image via James Shaw.

Choking smokers

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From Q+A last weekend. Greg Boyed pushes Deborah Coddington on tobacco. Sigh. Smoking is not about choice, it’s about addiction.

NZ bloggers in fish fight

Well known internet satarist and Labour hack Scott “Imperator Fish” Yorke today launched an attack on long time tiddlywinks commentator and self-styled media/politics guru Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury.

Yorke’s opening salvo consisted of a blog post which claimed Bradbury had announced plans to open a chain of real estate offices throughout Auckland.
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Recursive Peters

Did anyone else notice Winston getting all meta and recursive on us during his budget speech yesterday?
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Media7 on Mount Albert

That time I was on Media7 when I was running in the Mount Albert by-election.

Wood Applauds Green’s Bravery

Friday, 12 June 2009, 11:52 am
Press Release: Jackson Wood


Leading Mount Albert candidate Jackson James Wood today endorsed the formal complaint laid by ALCP candidate Dakta Green into TVNZ’s exclusion of the minor parties from the Backbenches TV special.

“The Mainstream Media has been ignoring my campaign without fail, and this passing over of both myself and Mr. Green has only served to drag TVNZ further into disrepute.”
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Dr Brash is dead. Again.

@DrBrash, the Twitter celebrity beloved by left and right wing alike, has finally called it quits. He has rapped his last #BrashRap. He has broiled his last #FurChicken. He has hashed his last hashtag. He has tweeted his last Tweet.

“At 1:40 this afternoon @DrBrash sent his final tweet,”  said Jackson Wood (@_jjw_) a spokesperson for the good doctor.

Another spokesperson for @DrBrash said that much like his real life counterpart — Dr Donald Brash — the @DrBrash Twitter account seemed to be malingering.

“He’s really just been lazing around the last couple of months since the election,” Joshua Drummond (@josh_drummond) said. “He’s been all getting into trouble and not really focusing on the issues close to his heart and shit.”
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Beyond Today

My dear friend Claire Browning has recently turned her immense intellect and energy toward writing a book about the Green Party — where it has been and where it is heading.
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Mt Albert in colour

I ran in the Mount Albert by-election that time. Unfortunately I didn’t have a great camera back then so photographic evidence is sketchy. This was taken outside the Electoral Office in Mt Albert.
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