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Political graffiti


Some political graffiti I spotted. Walls all over Dakar were covered in spray-painted missives urging people to vote.

Public Transport


Here is one of the multicoloured buses that run people who live in Dakar’s suburbs into town.

Street Football


I stopped and played football with these kids for 10 minutes. They ran me ragged. I’m pretty sure that with the amazing skills on display, Senegal will soon be in the top countries at soccer.



Today is election day in Senegal. The 86 year old incumbent, Wade, looks like he’s going to be voted out but that is uncertain due to the potential for a split vote among the other candidates. Young females — like the one whose finger is in the photo above* — are very grateful they have the power, through democracy, to change their leaders. They take the responsibility very seriously.

The red ink covering her left index finger shows she has voted. It is indelible to prevent voter fraud. Far from being a nuisance, the woman I talked to was very proud she had voted and was happy to show off her inked finger.

*I won’t name her just in case.


One of New Zealand’s most awesome native birds, the Kakariki (Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae). Taken at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua, New Zealand. While the Kakariki is quite rad, it is not quite as rad as the Tieke.

Purakaunui Falls

Purakaunui Falls, Catlins, Otago, New Zealand. The noise of water was deafening.


Kotukutuku flower (Fuchsia excorticata) taken at Purakaunui Falls, Catlins, Otago.

Aromoana Beach

Millions of shells on Aromoana Beach, outside of Dunedin, Otago.

Matai Falls

Matai Falls, Catlins, Otago, New Zealand.

Oystercatcher’s hole

A hole in the sand made by an Oystercatcher on Tautuku Beach, Catlins, Otago.