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Panel Discussion


Panel discussion at the Global Greens Congress. From the left Dorothy Tekwie (Papua New Guinea Greens), Senator Bob Brown (Australian Greens), C├ęcile Duflot (European Greens), Claudia Roth (Co-chair of the German Greens), and Bart Dhondt (Belgium Greens and a Global Young Green).

Bless the rains

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Buzzard Ball

Saw this Buzzard attacking another Buzzard. Victorious, he retired to perch atop the basket ball hoop and observe us.

I’m not actually 100% sure this is a Buzzard. Based on internet-based research I think it is a Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo rufinus), but am more than willing to be contradicted on this.

African Renaissance Monument

Dakar is home to the tallest statue in the world: Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine.
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Dinosaurs in London

While in London I went to the Natural History Museum. It is an amazing place. The massive entrance chamber with the statue of Darwin surveying everything is very impressive.
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Kea and Kiwi


Sorry for the absence of posts. I am still alive. In London now. It is my first time here but I am trying not to be a tourist. I did however go to the Natural History Museum. It was pretty awesome. Dinosaurs. Darwin. No Tieke, but this Kea and Kiwi were on display in the bird room.

Democracy in Senegal


Tonight there is a big party in Dakar to celebrate the peaceful and democratic election. Should be an awesome night.

Box of birds


Saw a chap selling birds. One of the girls from the Global Young Greens said they were for eating. Apparently you kill then, pluck them, then just chuck them in the oven.



The jacket of a member of the youth wing of the Senegalese Green Party who attended the Global Young Greens conference.

To the stars


Global Young Greens members, Sugar from Mongolia and Krishna from India, gaze into the evening sky poolside at the Global Greens Congress in Dakar.