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Juvie Tui

While I was on my Otago Odyssey in Te Anau my eye happened upon this bird fossicking among the flax flowers.
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New Zealand has 979 registered War Memorials. That’s one for every 4500 New Zealanders.

I’ve always had a fascination with war memorials. No real idea why. They’re so powerful: morbidly beautiful reminders of how tenuous happiness, peace, and democracy are.
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Duck Sammich

Just made the most amazing sandwich. Roast duck, avocado, gherkin, tomato, and chips.

Random smiles

One of the great things about having a phone with a half decent camera in it is that you can take photos of all those little things that you see in life that make you smile. Here are some of the things I saw in 2010/11 like this awesome little Sweep stencil.
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All these flowers were at Pukeiti.
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Pukeiti, just outside New Plymouth, is a magical place. The air is clear and fresh. It is quiet and peaceful. It is paradise. This water wheel used to power a mill that logged the native timber around Mt Taranaki. It has been remade and now pumps most of the water used to irrigate the gardens.
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New Plymouth (Part 2)

A local graffiti artist brightens up a dark alley.
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New Plymouth (Part 1)

New Plymouth. It’s where I grew up.
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Went home to New Plymouth this weekend to see my family. They had Marmite. I haven’t eaten Marmite in many months due to Marmageddon. Their supply was not quite enough. Another empty pottle of Marmite to add to the growing pile.
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Food and drink

British food is not very nice. The British tried to make up for this lack of culinary expertise by conquering and enslaving a large part of the world where there was nice food during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. While Britian may have lost her empire she hasn’t lost the diverse array of beautiful international food that can be found there. For example, cheese.
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