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Jackson and Ben go shooting

Guns are an integral part of the American psyche. Try explaining to a Texan how hard to obtain a handgun in New Zealand (or Europe) and they’ll look at you blankly and say “That’s so weird”. Then again, they can walk into Walmart buy their groceries, booze prescription meds, and pick up a rifle all in the same place.

Guns are horrible things. Don’t get me wrong. I would never own a gun and I will probably never shoot one again. However, when in Texas it is part of the cultural experience to shoot a gun.

So Ben and I went shooting at an indoor firing range close to where we are staying in League City. We hired a 40 calibre Glock semi-automatic handgun with a clip that holds 12 rounds.

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Houston: Day 8 (Random photos)

Elect Slaughter. Best name for a politician.

These are just some random pics I shot after the Mexican night.
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Cage fighting

A truly ‘merican pastime. Rob took us to this tournament because he is a judge. We got ringside seats, close enough for blood splatter.

WARNING: These photos do contain violence and blood, so you may not wanna look at them.

I’ll also preface this by saying cage fighting is not something I would normally attend or endorse.
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Houston: Day 2, part 2

This is the street we’re staying on in League City. Very green and quiet.
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Houston: Day 2

Meet Rob. He is the Executive Director of the United Space School. He is also an employee of a company called Nanoracks. Nanoracks basically sells space in space specialising in getting experiments up onto the International Space Station within the very narrow paramaters NASA and the ISS allow.

That thing he is holding is a satellite. I kid you not. A university in Vietnam designed this satellite which is going to be jettisoned from the ISS very shortly. Yes, that is measuring tape sticking out the sides. Yes, the real thing being launched into space has measuring tape for ariels!
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Birthday and birds (part 4)

My dear friend Bron gave me this Tieke finger puppet. I thought it fitting to take Sami the Saddleback along to meet her relatives. Photo by Amy.
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Birthday and birds (part 3)

Ponga (Cyathea dealbata) frond.

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Birthday and birds (part 2)

I even managed to catch some Tieke/Saddleback (Philesturnus carunculatus) while I was there (on camera, not in a trap to take home and have pets).
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Birthday and birds (Part 1)

It was my birthday yesterday and my wonderful girlface took me to Zealandia! Above are some Wellington Green Geckos (Naultinus elegans punctatus).
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Killing time

I was killing some time before a Green Party meeting. This is part of a large graffiti mural on the Garret Street carpark.
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