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CKL visit

While Christopher Kennedy Lawford was over I was on official photo duty. You can check out all my pics from his visit here on the New Zealand Drug Foundation Flickr.

Chris Kennedy Lawford

This week I have had the privilege and pleasure to hang out with Christopher Kennedy Lawford. The NZ Drug Foundation hosted him in New Zealand where he was doing work for his role as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador on Drug Dependence, Treatment and Care.
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Petone Pier

Under the boardwalk. Not quite what The Drifters envisaged. Taken from underneath the Petone Pier.

Summer cicadas

The thick sound of cicadas swamped us as we walked into the Buried Village. On the side of this 120-year-old poplar tree were tens and tens of cicada nymph shells bathed in light. The sound of cicadas is, in my mind, inexorably linked to summer: memories of bushwalks, relaxing in the sun, and BBQs.