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My flatmate bought this wonderfully cute reindeer-light-thing last year. Great for parties.


Opera House Lane on my walk to the bus stop last night.

Ornate Pattern

You miss so much if you don’t look up. This ornate pattern was hiding in plain sight on the ceiling of a pagoda along the walkway at the Summer Palace in Beijing (2006).

Beijing Subway

Caught a ride on the Beijing Subway.

Half Chinese

This photo was taken on the gate of the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing. I visited in 2006 for the Victoria University of Wellington school of Political Science field trip at the China University of Politics and Law. The left side of the photo is the New Zealand side the right is the Chinese side.

Photographic evidence of worst gifts ever

I may have told you the wonderful tale of how I once received the worst Christmas gifts ever. Here is photographic evidence of the watch (that didn’t work and was purchased before I was born), the Readers Digest free gift calculator/clock (that didn’t work), the white chocolate scorched almonds (that were well past their use by date), and the tube of black olive paste.

Pinot noir

Visited the wonderful Gibbston Valley vineyard just outside of Queenstown in December 2011. Beautiful rich Pinots full of flavour.


Saw this cute little guy in the window of Evotia’s in Petone.

Sale Price

Spotted on the back of a seat on the 83 bus home today.

Yellow Fever

As the days tick down to the Global Greens conference in Dakar, preperations are being made. Getting vaccinated for Yellow Fever — like I did today — is on the list of Things You Must Do before going to Senegal.