Brash Emails: It wasn’t me

Friday, 22 May 2009, 3:51 pm
Press Release: Jackson Wood
Brash Emails: It wasn’t me


In light of the investigation recently announced into the external acquisition of the private emails of Don Brash, Mount Albert candidate Jackson James Wood has been advised by his law firm Simpson, Simpson & Gregory to reiterate that he did not personally steal the emails, was not in parliament at the time, and most certainly did not climb in through Brash’s window dressed all in black, scuttle like a crab under a web of laser tripwires, abseil Mission Impossible style down into the Brash-cave, upload all Brash’s emails to a flash drive, and distribute them willy-nilly all over town whilst laughing maniacally.

He did not do this, and it certainly cannot be proven in a court of law.

Furthermore, footage of Wood burning security tapes from Brash’s office in the days after are entirely unrelated.


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